Healthier Jupiter Lighthouse

Frequently Asked Questions

Why walking?

Healthier Jupiter is a community initiative that addresses health and quality of life issues starting with diabetes, helping to create opportunities for everyone in our community to live healthy lives, especially by being active. When Healthier Jupiter conducted its 2017 Community Needs Assessment, 41% of those surveyed stated they were rarely active (1 or 2x a week or never). However, 65% of those surveyed would like to be more physically active than they currently are. And among the top three barriers were that facilities are too expensive.

Walking is one of the easiest, most accessible and least expensive ways to increase your physical activity level and improve your overall health, which helps to prevent diabetes. It can help to promote weight loss and reduce your risk for other chronic diseases. Studies also show that walking reduces stress, improves mood and build self- confidence. The American Diabetes Association recommends setting a goal of walking 30 minutes a day, at least five times a week.

Why Walk in Crews/Groups?

Healthier Jupiter hopes that the greater Jupiter community will work together to support each person to live the healthiest life possible. Why not start that by encouraging others in your community to walk with you, and start the journey to a healthier life. When you are walking with others they can hold you accountable, and keep you motivated to keep walking. It is also an opportunity to have new conversations and create lasting connections with your friends, family and community.

Will my information be made public?

Your personal data will not be made public. However, we will make the team name public for tracking and honoring your accomplishments. We will not publish your meeting time and place unless you clicked “yes” on the “become a Captain” form. If you wish to change the public or private status of your group, just let us know.

What is the distance to Jupiter?

The actual distance from Earth to Jupiter is 365 million miles. However, we will be estimating that and trying to reach the goal of 3,600 miles.

Are there incentives?

We will recognize some of the walking groups on Facebook, and in our newsletter. As the program develops there may be opportunities for awards and prizes.

Can I get community service hours for leading a walking group?

If you are doing it independently we cannot verify community service hours. However, it may qualify depending on who may be organizing the group and who is participating in it.  Feel free to get in contact with us and we will work it out on a case by case basis.

Who should be a captain?

Anyone can be a captain, regardless of age or ability. Just make sure that you have the time to plan and organize your walking groups.

Can I run? Jog? Or swim?

Of course, we love any form of physical activity! Try to make it a group activity with friends, family, coworkers, or students. And for days you want to go at a slower pace, consider finding a walking group to join. Just make sure to log your miles!