Healthier Jupiter in the JTAA Holiday Parade

Healthier Jupiter’s Healthy Foods and Physical Fitness Subcommittee had the amazing idea of creating a team and a float for the Jupiter Tequesta Athletic Association (JTAA) Holiday Parade. With the support of our committee members, and their amazing family members, we were able to make that a reality.

A total of 15 committee members, their family members and friends came together to build the structure, paper-mached the entire structure and painted it to resemble the planet Jupiter. An extra shout out to several committee members that saved all their newspapers or went to go pick up bundles of newspaper from Florida Weekly and the Palm Beach Post.

Click through the pictures of the building process below:

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The parade held this past Sunday, December 10th, was an amazing event. Over 90 floats and 2,500 people walked in the parade, and the streets were lined with parade goers. It was a great opportunity for Healthier Jupiter to get some physical activity while promoting our new physical activity initiative Walk on Jupiter! Walk on Jupiter is a physical activity challenge to encourage everyone in our community to walk. Together as a community we can walk the distance it would take to land on the planet Jupiter (hence the planet Jupiter float for the Holiday Parade). We had 29 walkers in our group, and we walked a 1.5 mile route. So that is already 43.5 miles toward the challenge! Click here to find out more information or to become a Walking Captain in your community.

Click through the pictures from the JTAA Holiday Parade below:

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Any questions about Walk on Jupiter, or how you can get more involved in Healthier Jupiter? Reach out to Joanna, Healthier Jupiter’s Outreach Coordinator at or by phone at 561-263-7579.