Walk & Talk

A Morning of Healthy Tips at the Jupiter Farmers Market

This past Sunday, November 12th, Healthier Jupiter partnered with the Jupiter Farmers Market and Dr. Ken Grey, Acupuncture Physician (AP), Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), for our November Walk & Talk. Dr. Grey presented on the healing choices for the season to best help your physical and mental health. He provided us with information about the benefits of certain in-season fruits and vegetables, and tips on how to prepare them as meals or healthy snacks.

Our group continued our conversation about healthy eating, as we walked over to the Jupiter Community Center to walk their ¼ mile, mulched, walking trail. Dr. Grey continued to share his tips and our group shared their tips as well! We left plenty of time at the end for our group to look around the Jupiter Farmers Market to buy the fruits and veggies recommended to them by Dr. Grey.

Healthier Jupiter Walk & Talk is a free, regular event to promote physical activity and community. These recreationally paced walks combine learning, socializing and exercise. We partner with local educational/cultural/inspirational organizations to provide a more social experience while participating in light exercise. All ages and physical activity levels are welcome to participate.

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To find out more about Dr. Ken Grey’s work, visit his website or Facebook.

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