Healthier Jupiter, El Sol, Summer Camp

Fun and Health at El Sol Sunshine Summer Camp!

This past Tuesday, June 27th, Joanna, Healthier Jupiter’s Outreach Coordinator, went to give a presentation about healthy living to the 20 campers of El Sol’s Sunshine Summer Camp. We started the conversation with a discussion about what being healthy means to them. This led to discussion about their favorite healthy foods and their favorite type of physical fitness. These campers love their vegetables and playing at the playground and exercising with their family!

Then to get the campers thinking more about healthy foods, one group played food recognition bingo to help them recognize the different types of healthy foods while the other group created a poster with their favorite healthy foods on one side and unhealthy foods on the other side. Then to show the importance of healthy foods and physical fitness to being healthy, we went outside to play! The campers either jumped rope or twirled/ran/danced with ribbons and many did both! It was great to see the children find new ways to have fun while being physically active.

El Sol, one of Healthier Jupiter’s strongest community partner is definitely leading the way in promoting healthy lifestyles for all, especially all ages, in the community.