Healthier Jupiter Impact Report

Healthier Jupiter Releases Oct-Mar 2017 Impact Report

Healthier Jupiter is entering our third year in a 5 year community-driven initiative designed to address health and quality of life issues from diabetes prevention and management to other areas of wellness. Our vision is that the Greater Jupiter community working together will support each person to live the healthiest life possible. We are working to mobilize our community towards action and empower community members to find solutions. The change we want to see is for people in Greater Jupiter to be healthier and more community oriented. It will take four things to make that happen: increase awareness of resources and risk factors of diabetes, access to healthy foods, access to physical activities, and access to medical care.

As with any long term initiative, an evaluation framework is important to ongoing monitoring, impact assessment, and learning. To that end Healthier Jupiter provides an Impact Report to the community and our generous funder Palm Healthcare Foundation every six months. This report shares: who we are, why diabetes is a focus, where we have gone so far, key lessons learned, what we have done in the past six months, and what we have coming up. Healthier Jupiter Impact Report Oct-Mar 2017

We appreciate the communities continued support and if you are interested in getting more involved in Healthier Jupiter, Here is how: