Healthier Jupiter Survey at Jupiter Farmers Market

Healthier Jupiter at Jupiter Farmers Market

This past Sunday, Healthier Jupiter was a vendor at the Jupiter Farmers Market, which brings fresh fruits and vegetables, specialty foods and handmade crafts to the Jupiter community every Sunday from 9am to 1pm. With the support of our dedicated Steering Committee members, Siobhan Gross, RN, BSN, CDE and Barbara Allen, we talked with the community about Healthier Jupiter and had Farmers Market attendees complete our 2017 Community Survey.

Healthier Jupiter’s Community Survey gives the community the opportunity to give their perspective of health in Jupiter, which provides Healthier Jupiter with information on how to best support the community on their way to better health. At the Farmers Market this past weekend, we extended engagement about healthy living further by implementing a dot survey (check out the pictures below!).

The idea of implementing a dot survey came from a the information learned at the Tamarack Institute’s Collective Impact conference in early March. The conference, titled “The Next Generation of Community Engagement” focused on the importance of community engagement within the collective impact model that brings different sectors of the community to solve complex social problems. As I learned, engagement really involves informing, involving, and consulting the community directly to create lasting and equitable change in the community. The dot survey allowed us to open dialogue with the community and have great conversations about healthy living, especially around healthy foods and walking in our community.

Ultimately, thanks to this engagement tool, and the support of Siobhan and Barbara, we were able to complete X surveys and engage the community on healthy living. If you have not already taken our Community Survey, follow this link:

Make sure to visit the Jupiter Farmers Market every Sunday from 9am to 1pm. The last market day is April 30th!