Healthier Jupiter Awards Jupiter Tequesta Athletic Association $10,000 Grant

Jupiter Tequesta Athletic Association (JTAA), the youth sports provider for the northern Palm Beach County area, will receive a $10,000 Grant from Healthier Jupiter to offer participation scholarships to the under-served areas in the Greater Jupiter Area. With these funds, the JTAA will reach over 85 children within our community and provide the participants an opportunity to choose from one of 10 recreational sports offered throughout the year.

“We strongly believe that children not only have fun and stay fit through participation in team sports, but they also gain valuable experiences and skills which they will have with them for their entire lives. All children who want to play sports should have that opportunity, regardless of their financial situation. This grant will help many local children have that chance,” stated Josh Slaybaugh, JTAA Board President.

Healthier Jupiter Steering Committee and JTAA – In Photograph: Lynn Hays, Amy Pepper, Terri Wentz, Josh Slaybaugh (JTAA), Gene Hudon (Healthier Jupiter Co-Chair), Adam Magun (JTAA), Barbara Allan, Joanna Peluso, Abby Goodwin (Palm Healthcare Foundation), Siobhan Gross

Healthier Jupiter is a community initiative that addresses health and quality of life issues, starting with diabetes. Promoting healthy lifestyles can lower diabetes risk and complications as well as many other chronic diseases. Healthier Jupiter is funded through a generous grant from Palm Healthcare Foundation as part of its Healthier Together Initiative. Healthier Together is a long-term, place-based funding approach designed to solve the community’s most complex healthcare issues, neighborhood by neighborhood.

For more information please visit or contact Healthier Jupiter Project Director, Carrie Browne, at (561) 263-7580.